We provide more than asset management software

We provide more than asset management software

Univerus is excited to announce the creation of a new professional team for the Univerus software platform which includes both AssetFinda and fieldGO clients: the Service Delivery Team. Headed up by our Manager of Service Delivery, Jennifer Carew, the new team has been developed primarily as a response to feedback we've received from our clients, but also as a result of the growth of our company.

The Service Delivery Team focuses on the consultancy side of our business. Our professional and industry expertise is central to this service, and includes:

  • Onboarding new clients
  • Asset management best practice
  • Database management

Although we offered these services previously, it was as part of the overall Operations team. As we listened to comments and requests from our clients, we recognised the need to create a team that specialised in consultancy projects. A Managed Service framework is part of the offering; it's a subscription model where clients can choose which professional service and / or support package works best for them:

  • Maintain: the team will operate, maintain, and manage your business processes and software solutions with basic support services
  • Accelerate: this is Maintain with the resources to influence the improvement of your business processes and the effective adoption of new product features, and manage releases
  • Optimise: an extension of your team to manage and execute a tailored program of proactive and reactive activities designed to uplift your capability, compliance, and business performance

Every month, each package includes bug fixes, feature enhancements and user education. Not only that, but nothing is set in stone - you can tailor your package to meet your organisational objectives.

Although the Service Delivery Team is newly formed, it has already successfully completed several asset management projects for local New Zealand councils. Our objective is to be a provider not just of the software, but also of expertise in asset management for local government. To that end, the Service Delivery Team will also be publishing a series of articles on best practice for asset management, to share our expertise with our clients.

If you'd like to find out more about the new team and are interested in engaging their services, contact Jennifer Carew: jennifercarew@univerus.com