Unity Mobile (fieldGO) product suite boasts exciting new updates for v7

Unity Mobile (fieldGO) product suite boasts exciting new updates for v7

Our Unity Mobile (fieldGO) solution is a fully configurable mobile software works management platform that enables organisations to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and minimise risks, providing an integrated and real-time view of field works.

A big part of what we do at Univerus is continual improvement. Last year, we rolled out several new updates for Unity Mobile, including the new V7 mobile app, and the Augmented Reality (AR) Integration feature.

Unity Mobile has been specifically designed to help users build and deliver their own mobile applications and integrate that information back into existing in-house systems. Unlike many standalone or business silo-focused mobile systems, the Unity Mobile Enterprise Mobile Solution (EMS) provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying business level mobility requirements across any organisation.

2021 is no different and we're busy developing a significant new set of functionality updates for the v7 Unity Mobile release. These will be rolled out over the next few months and are set to include:

7.2 - April 

  • New GIS Portal
  • New Infor Connector specifically designed to support the increased functionality of V7
  • New Microsoft Access Connector
  • Increased ‘Single Sign-on’ functionality  

7.3 - May

  • Increased Defect Inspection workflow process support
  • New Condition Inspection workflow process support
  • New GIS adding/editing assets in the field.  
  • New C2 Scheduling/Routing integration for increased field force efficiency

7.4 - June 

  • Provisioning Customer Portal for simplifying product upgrade processes.
  • MSMQ Connection Integration

Some of these updates have come from ideas and feedback our customers have provided, which is a vital part of our commitment to innovation. All are designed to continually enhance the ability of fieldGO to address the difficulties of delivering complex mobile software.

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