The flexibility of Power BI reporting: Unity Manage offers greater efficiency for generating reports

The flexibility of Power BI reporting: Unity Manage offers greater efficiency for generating reports

From monthly and annual management reporting, elected official reporting or annual plan and report criteria, every Council throughout New Zealand and Australia has different requirements. Generating these reports is a necessary task and one that can be quite time consuming. Previously, pulling out the relevant data and then creating the report was typically a very manual process, one that could be prone to inaccuracies and errors.

For our AssetFinda and fieldGo customers, Univerus has developed Unity Manage, a component of the Unity Solutions suite. As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we're rolling out Power BI Reports, which are designed to complement the current reports that are already inside Unity Manage. By utilising Power BI reports, we are now able to build additional functionality inside the reports, meaning Councils can now benefit from customised reporting. 

What this essentially means is that Councils can now enjoy greater flexibility in relation to the type of information they need to pull from the data in their systems, in a format that meets their own individual needs. The reports are focussed on:

  • Asset overview
  • Financial reporting
  • KPI reporting based on works requests data
  • Real-time reporting

The flexibility of power BI provides a more efficient way to generate these reports straight from the Unity Manage database - which means that users are spending significantly less time pulling data and manually creating reports. In turn, it leads to greater consistency in that reporting, i.e., the same report is constructed the same way and is much less prone to human error.

The reports and the data or information within them can be used by the council in many different ways. We have a template of ready-made reports, but we encourage Councils to engage with us so that we can tweak and tailor these reports. We can generate brand new reports specific to a Council's individual needs.

The flexibility of Power BI reporting means Councils will benefit from greater efficiency and improved accuracy around their reporting processes, based on high-integrity data and enhanced technology.

If you'd like to find out more about how Unity Manage's Power BI reporting can benefit your Council operations, don't hesitate to get in touch.