Mapping the journey to smart metering in upcoming webinar

Mapping the journey to smart metering in upcoming webinar

When it comes to managing water, electrical, and gas networks - whether for residential, industrial, or commercial purposes - smart metering is an option more and more network operators are considering. With advances in technology, changing consumer expectations, and pressure on the industry, meter reading is becoming a focus area and now more than ever needs to be dynamic to meet changing end users' demands. 

With that in mind, our CEO Brad Atchison is hosting a webinar that will outline what's happening with smart metering in the industry. He'll also be introducing our smart metering solution, SmartGrid CIS, which enables automated smart meter billing. Brad will provide details about SmartGrid's:

  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Current customers

Brad will also outline how the solution seamlessly integrates with our other applications.

This webinar is aimed at helping organisations – those that use metering and those that are thinking about it – understand the path to smart metering. We have extensive experience in the industry, and we’re sharing the insights we’ve gained from working with clients across the globe. It’s completely free, and we look forward to seeing you there!

When is the webinar being held?
Friday November 27, 9:00am NZ time

How do I register for and access the webinar?
Contact Sales Director Maheen Mudannayake
m: +64 272974234

Contact General Manager Kerry Connors
m: +64 21702070