Investing in their future: Norfolk Island Regional Council moves into the digital era

Investing in their future: Norfolk Island Regional Council moves into the digital era

A tiny island in the South Pacific, located between New Zealand and Australia, Norfolk Island is one of Australia's external territories. With a population approaching 2,000, the island is entirely self-sufficient. Utilities like power and water are managed via the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC), a local government body first established in 2016. The Council delivers many Commonwealth services to the residents of the island – water, electricity, health etc. - in addition to local-level services such as land planning and emergency management.

The Council had been facing a number of challenges – managing their financial, infrastructure, and, asset management responsibilities. These challenges necessitated investigation into new and better ways of operating.

It soon became clear that NIRC would need to invest in digital solutions to bring the services they offer their residents into the modern era. It was with that in mind that the Council's new CEO, Andrew Roach, approached Univerus with a view to bringing Unity Manage on board.

“I discovered AssetFinda whilst working at the City of Darwin Council, and I was impressed with their commitment to working with the team to educate, and bring along the local people on the journey of constructing the system,” says Andrew. “That’s what we need in an isolated Council such as NIRC, to train our people from scratch, and make it work for our needs. I think the system will provide real innovation to managing our assets with the limited resources we have here on Norfolk.”

A world leader in advanced asset management, AssetFinda is designed to help our clients optimise the life cycle of their assets and predict the future with precision. Our unique technology enables communities to move forward with confidence.

Univerus began working with the Council in June 2020. Until then, all of the NIRC's assets had been managed using Excel spreadsheets, and their Works Requests were conducted via paperwork. These manual methods were time consuming, prone to inaccuracies and data loss, with limited, outdated reporting. The essential first step was been to upload that data into AssetFinda, to be safely stored and verified, ready for new management and updated maintenance handling.

The next step is for the NIRC to peruse and investigate the data as presented by AssetFinda, and we'll work with them to identify any changes that need to be made. Following that, we'll begin comprehensive training for NIRC staff.

With those steps completed, the NIRC will be ready to go live with their new, enhanced asset management solution at the beginning of February 2021. They will then be able to track, plan and predict with precision.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with AssetFinda to finally have a system that is reliable, easy to use, and takes our organisation forward,” Andrew says. “As a Council we are very young, only five years old, so our systems don’t have the history that many other Councils enjoy. That too is a positive in that we can build a more contemporary system without the shackles of history!”

NIRC will benefit from:

  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Enhanced service delivery for the Island's residents

Additionally, NIRC staff will be able to process their Works Requests digitally, instead of using paper and pen. Further helping to reduce costs, ensure efficient completion of jobs, and streamline workflows it will generate accurate reporting to the Commonwealth, which had grown frustrated with Excel-generated reports.

Andrew concludes by saying “AssetFinda really meets our costs parameters, the flexibility of our work systems, and the ability to innovate in a Council that needs to find ways to improve its infrastructure.”

Is your organisation facing similar challenges around asset management? If you’re thinking of bringing your operations into the digital era, we’d love to have a chat with you about it.