Continual improvement brings two new features to AssetFinda

Continual improvement brings two new features to AssetFinda

On the GIS side of AssetFinda, many of our clients will be aware that we integrate with Esri, who develop and build ArcGIS - the world's most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. They've recently pushed out a new product called  ArcPro - a powerful, single desktop GIS application that's part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud. 

We’re excited to announce that it's now possible to integrate AssetFinda with ArcPro. We’ve developed a whole new tool-set to make this possible - and we're ready to go.

Our clients who were using Esri's older ArcMap solution now have access to ArcPro through AssetFinda. ArcPro is hosted in the cloud  and means that clients can:

  • Author a map and create compelling data visualisations
  • Analyse maps using geoprocessing tools, and explore geostatistical analysis and machine learning
  • Share webmaps
  • Use raster function analysis tools
  • Explore, analyse and symbolise data in 3D

A unique feature of AssetFinda is that the solution is 'one' with our GIS system - most asset management systems are separate - and now that we have the ability to integrate with the latest version of the Arc product offers a significant benefit for both AssetFinda and Esri clients. They will have access to a greatly improved tool set, because the ArcPro solution allows us to build greater functionality.

It’s not the only enhancement we’ve been working on though. Another new feature is Assign Work to Crews which enables work requests to be sent to not just one recipient but to groups of people. Effectively eliminating bottlenecks created when any one individual is not available and the rest of the team were unaware of a work request. Assign Work to Crews feature will help organisations gain and maintain efficiencies.

If you'd like to learn more about AssetFinda's integration with ArcPro, or the new Assign Work to Crews feature, we'd love to chat with you so don't hesitate to get in touch.