A tailored solution for maintenance scheduling

A tailored solution for maintenance scheduling

Over the years, we've gained some extensive experience when it comes to maintenance scheduling. We're always talking to our customers, and something that crops up repeatedly is the need for a proactive maintenance scheduling solution that helps organisations gain a better understanding of the extent of work they have coming up.

Additionally, our customers have commented on how having the ability to budget time and resources towards repeated activities, rather than reacting to work requirements that have no prior notice, would be a major benefit.

When AssetFinda became part of the Univerus Unity Solutions suite, there were plans to improve all the solutions with new integrated features. Although AssetFinda previously had a scheduler that enabled time-based scheduling, the decision was made to improve this basic functionality with a new module that offers a lot more in terms of configuration. 

In a nutshell, we wanted to give our customers something unique, that they could tailor for their individual needs and clients.

The new Preventative Maintenance module allows users to set up maintenance-type activities on a recurring basis for the future of the asset. In terms of duration, it could be set up for either time or usage. For example, a vehicle could be set to undergo a full service for every 50,000km it's travelled, or a pump might be scheduled for lifting and inspection every three months. 

The new maintenance scheduling feature also:

  • Allows teams to generate and view forward works schedules for all asset classes
  • Includes Works Order templates - these are auto-generated based on the type of asset the schedule is being developed for

Additionally, the enhanced maintenance module saves time and data handling errors and it is pre-set based on the type of asset.

What our AssetFinda customers can look forward to with the new Preventative Maintenance scheduling module is better resourcing ability, improved budgeting, and more advance notice of work and downtime. It's aimed at gaining efficiencies and improving productivity, and helping our customers to maximise their resources when scheduling.

Keen to find out more about the new Preventative Maintenance module? We'd love to chat with you about it, so don't hesitate to get in touch.