About Us

About Us

AssetFinda is the world leader in advanced asset management systems

AssetFinda has been a market leader in advanced asset management systems since 2000. With a heavy focus on the end user experience, ease of use and a large existing client base.  Assetfinda is a Univerus company with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States.

Our client base includes all levels of government and leading private enterprises throughout the world. With an impressive global presence, we remain at the forefront of the asset challenges facing all of our communities.

Everything about our product has been designed to help our clients optimise the life cycle of their assets and predict the future with precision. Our unique technology to enables your community to move forward with confidence.

We’ve designed a complete, out-of-the-box toolset that allows you to track, plan, predict and enhance all aspects of your asset management. Backed by an expert implementation team and an outstanding service team, AssetFinda improves efficiency, reduces operating costs and increases service delivery for all asset classes.

Assetfinda is a Univerus company

Univerus purchases, supports and invests in companies who sell industry-specific software solutions. Their professional knowledge is injected into the following aspects of your business: Financial, Structure, Efficiency & Legacy. For more information about Univerus, please visit our website.